Courses catalogue

Courses catalogue

Presentation of the LMD | Bachelor - Master - PhD

The “Licence” (Bachelor, Baccalauréat +3), Master (Baccalauréat +5) and “Doctorat” (PhD, Baccalauréat+8) are references in terms of national university diplomas.

Terminology of the European system

- Fields: the major fields of education and research.
- Thematic field: first level of specialisation according to the scientic skills of the institution.
- Specialty: last level of specialisation identifying the diploma.
- Finality: professional or research (for the Master).

European Credits Transfer System (ECTS)

The LMD structure is based on a system of credits. Each semester is worth 30 credits. A Bachelor is worth 180 credits, and a Master is worth 120 additional credits. The courses are no longer organized in years but in semesters. Each semester is composed of teaching units called “UE”. 1 credit represents 20 hours of work (courses + individual work).
There are various forms of assessment (exams, continuous assessment, projects, etc.); grades still exist, and students must obtain an annual cumulative average to pass and, consequently, capitalize credits.

Thanks to this new system, you can now transfer your credit capital from one course to the other and one university to the other in France and Europe. It is now possible and easier to switch from one field to the other during your studies. International mobility is also more accessible.

Besides the ECT system, there are four existing certification courses :

- Initial Education : the Jean Monnet University offers a unique array of multi-disciplinary courses in  Rhône-Alpes, from Bachelor to Doctorate.
- Continuous Education : each of our diplomas is accessible to employees, unemployed people, craftsmen, retail traders, independent professions resuming their studies or in specific contexts.
- Apprenticeship : the University offers more and more vocational and professional courses using an alternating training mode taking place both in a company and at university.
- Validation of experience: Jean Monnet University is one of the institutions with the highest rates of validation of experience (VAE).