Field Art, Literature, Languages

Field Art, Literature, Languages

©Johan Méallier

Bachelor | 7 thematic fields

- Fine Art

- Performing Art
Drama (exclusively for “Ecole de la Comédie” students)

- Applied Foreign Languages
English-German English-Spanish English-Italian English-Portuguese

- Humanities
Antiquity & Humanities (1)

- Foreign and Regional Languages, Literature, and Civilisation
English Spanish

- Literature
Modern Literature Literature and Arts

-  Musicology
Music and Musicology

Masters | 7 thematic fields

-  Art
Fine Art
Administration and Management of Music Art Science
Digital Art course
Art Publishing and Artist’s Book Music and Musicology
Digital Art Production Digital music production

- Design
Design, arts & Crafts

- Language didactic
Social didactic, languages and culture
Language teacher training, French as a foreign language, multilingualism and intercultural

- Applied Foreign Languages
International trade relations

- Foreign and Regional Languages, Literature, and Civilisation
Italian, Hispanic, and Mediterranean studies English studies
Hispanic studies

-  Literature
Drama (with the “Ecole de la Comédie” of Saint-Etienne)
Modern Literature
Literature and Art

-  Translation and Interpretation
Redaction and Translation

MEEF Masters | Teaching in education and training

- Secondary Education Master
Fine Art
French Literature

(1) Courses shared between Jean-Monnet, Lyon 2, and Lyon 3 Universities