Field Humanities and Social Sciences

Field Humanities and Social Sciences

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Bachelor | 4 thematic fields

Geography and Urban Planning
Geography and spatial management

- History
Teacher training

-  Sociology

- Education Studies
Primary and secondary education
Associative sector, local authorities, and popular education
Education, Health, and Prevention (open also in Roanne for the 3rd year of the bachelor)

Vocational Bachelors | One thematic field

-  Social intervention: social accompaniment
Social Economy Project Development Coordination

Erasmus Mundus | Joint Masters Programme

- DYnamics of Cultural LAndscape, heritage, memory and conflictualities - DYCLAM+

Masters | 9 thematic fields

- Geomatics
Digital Geographies

-  Environmental Management
Geosphere course (Geography, Space, Human/ Environment, Resources) and management and valorisation of altered environments

-  History
Historian career studies

-  History, civilisations, heritage

-  Information, communication
Communication Design: digital innovation and media Communication Design: digital management and marketing

-  Social intervention and development
Social policies and territorial development course

-  Education
Expertise and Research in Education sector Youth sector: Projects, systems design and implementation

-  Sociology
Research forms and tools in social science

-  City and urban environments
Public spaces and atmospheres (APAM)
Recycle urban legacies : Heritage, environments and memories

MEEF Master | Teaching, Education, and Training Masters

-  Primary education teacher training Master

Secondary education teacher training Master
History and Geography