Field Law, Economics and Management

Field Law, Economics and Management

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Bachelor | 4 thematic fields

- Economic and Social Administration (Roanne)
Administration and management of organisation
Teaching and public sector careers
Solidary and social economy

- Public Administration

- Law
Law, Law, society, and languages, Law and medical sector

- Economics and Management

Vocational Bachelor | 12 thematic fields

- Insurance, bank, finance: client advisor (Saint-Etienne) (A) (P) (Roanne) (P)

- Commerce and retail
Retail and shelf management (DISTRISUP) (A)

- Marketing of Food Products
Retail of liquid and food products (A)

- Management and accounting: accounting and payroll (Roanne)

Management and accounting: Management control
Control Management assistant (A)

- Management and Accounting: accounting and financial management
SME/SMI accounting and financial assistant (A)

- Human Resources Management: assistant
Human resources management applied to SMEs (A)

- International commerce
SME/SMI International commercial development (A)

- Notarial studies

- Technical Sales (Saint-Etienne) (A) (P) (Roanne) (A)

- Estate professions
Management and administration, career habitat manager

- Management of hotel and catering systems
Co-developer of projects in the hotel and restaurant industry

BUT | Technology University Diploma

- Administrative and commercial management of organisations (Saint-Etienne)

- Business and administration management
Accounting and financial management (Saint-Etienne and Roanne)
Human resources management (Saint-Etienne) Organizational management (Saint-Etienne and Roanne)

-Sales & marketing techniques (Saint-Etienne and Roanne)

Masters |15 thematic fields

-  Economic Analysis and Policy
Territorial development consultancy (A)

-  Accounting, Control Management and Audit

- Management Control and Organizational Audit
Management Control and Information Systems (A)

-  Design
Prospective Design

-  Business law
Business law in the health sector Law and business

-  Private law
Contract law

-  Public law
Public Contracts’ law Law and administration Fundamental public law

-  Social and solidary Economy
Social and solidary economy organisations management

-  European and international studies
AlterEurope course

-  Justice, trials, and proceedings
Legal careers

-  Management
Project Management (A)
Trade and retail management (A)
Management of health organisations (A)
International management

-  Management and administration of businesses
Entrepreneurship Management of organisations
Studies and research in management course

-  Currency, bank, finance, insurance
Economics and Finance Bank and Finance (A)

-  Political science
Health challenges and policies

-  City and urban environments
Public spaces and atmospheres (APAM)
Recycle urban legacies : Heritage, environments and memories

(A) apprenticeship contract

(P) professional contract