Field Science, technology, health

Field Science, technology, health

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Bachelor | 7 thematic fields

-  Chemistry

- IT

- Maths

- Earth science

- Life science
Bioscience and earth science
Cell biology and physiology
Biology of organisms and populations

- Science for engineers
Applied physics
Materials science
Industrial engineering (Roanne)
Information processing, instrumentation engineering (Roanne)

-  Sport science (STAPS)
Adapted physical activity and health Education and human movement Sports’ training

BUT | Technology University Diploma

-  Biological engineering
Environmental engineering (Saint-Etienne)

- Electrical engineering and industrial IT (Saint-Etienne)

- Industrial IT and maintenance (Roanne)

- Mechanical engineering and production (Saint-Etienne)

- Physics and measurements (Saint-Etienne) (P)
lnstrumentation Techniques (TI)
Materials and physical/chemical analyses (MCPC)

-  Quality, Industrial logistics and Organisation (Roanne)

Networks and telecommunications (Roanne)

Vocational Bachelors | 12 thematic fields

- Acoustics and vibrations (P)

- Environmental Process Engineering
Water Engineering and Management (A) (P)

-   Protection and management of the environment

- Industrial Product Conception (P)

- Industrial Production Management
Production Management (P)
Maintenance Management (P)
Industrial Production Management (Roanne) (P)

- IT networks and Telecommunications (Roanne) Multimedia Network Administration (A) (P)

-  Building Industry: Buildings and Construction
Individual housing construction (P)

-  Digital WEB Design, Redaction and Production
IT and Web Technology Animation (A) (P)

-  Professional Optics (P)

- Quality, Hygiene, Security, Health, Environment (Roanne) (P)

-  Automated Systems, Networks, and Industrial IT
Industrial IT (A) (P)
Automation (A) (P)
Robotics (A) (P)

-  Vacuum Techniques and Materials (P)

Masters |11 thematic fields

-  Molecular and cellular biology
Leading International Vaccionology Education  

-  Chemistry and Materials Science
Plastics Processing (P)

-  Electronics, Electrical Energy, Automatics
Information processing and instrumentation for the engineer

-  Ethology
Ethology - Ecology

- Industrial Engineering (Roanne)
Management and Engineering of Industrial and Hospital Sys- tems (P)
Advanced Methods for Industrial Engineering

-  Computer Science
Data and Connected Systems
Machine Learning and Data Mining   Cyber-Physical Social Systems

-  Health Engineering
Cell and Tissue engineering studies Neuromuscular engineering studies Health-related Law

-  Applied Mathematics, Statistics
Action-oriented Maths                      

-  Optics, Image, Vision, Multimedia
Colour Science Studies (COSI)
Optics in surgace and interface multimedia 3D multimedia Technology studies
Advenced imaging and material appearance (AIMA)

-  Hearth and Planet Sciences, Environment
Magmas and Volcanoes

Training and Optimisation of Athletic Performance (EOPS) Evaluation and Engineering of Athletic Performance (EIPS)

School of Engineering | Télécom Saint-Etienne

- Initial cycle Information technology of Saint-Etienne (CITISE)

- Télécom Saint-Etienne Engineering degree (P) Data engineering (A)
Image and Photonics, Smart-industries

MEEF Master | Teaching, Education, and Training Masters

-  MEEF Secondary Education
Physical and Chemical Sciences
Life, Earth and Universe Sciences
Physical Education and Sports

Erasmus+ Master |

-  Leading International Vaccinology Education (LIVE) (2)