Exchange program students

Studying at UJM as an exchange programme

Are you an international student wanting to study at Jean Monnet University under an Erasmus + exchange agreement or bilateral exchange programme for one or two semesters? Here are all the programmes and steps to take.

List of programmes

Application procedure: check with the international relations department of your home university to see if there is a bilateral agreement with our institution, concerning your subject and level of study.

To help you in your research, discover the courses on offer at Jean Monnet University :

  • Courses at UJM, from Bachelor to Master
  • More than 200 courses or modules taught in English (link to course pages in English by component)

Important To apply, you must have been selected by your home university as an exchange student.

Most courses are taught in French. The required level is B1 or B2 Bachelor, and B2 or C1 Master according to the course.

Online registration

If you have been selected to study at UJM on an exchange programme, register online
(moveon entrant online link)

Application deadlines

If you are starting at Jean Monnet University in September: register by 20 May.
If you are starting at Jean Monnet University in January: register by 20 October.
Students from the European Union do not need a visa to study in Saint-Étienne.


Once Jean Monnet University has received your study agreement proposal, it is forwarded to the faculty or department to which you are applying.  The admission procedure takes around one month.
When final acceptance is confirmed, you will receive a notification with the necessary information for your arrival.