Fees and scholarship

Fees and scholarship

Fees charged at Jean Monnet University

Students coming for the first time to Saint Etienne are exempted to pay special application fees for international students. However, they pay regular application fees considering their choosen bachelor or master degree.

Registration fees for the 2021-2022 school year - Compulsory fees :
Bachelor cycle (national fees ) : 170 €
Master cycle (national fees) : 243 €


Exemption criteria

All non-EU students meeting one of the following criteria will be exempt from payment of differentiated fees:

  • Students receiving a grant from the French government (BGF). They will continue to pay no registration fees. 
  • Students benefiting from an exemption granted by the embassy of their country of origin according to academic excellence criteria. They will pay the same registration fees as French and EU students.
  • Students coming to study in France under an international cooperation agreement or an international exchange programme providing for full or partial exemption from payment of registration fees. 
  • Students treated in the same way as French national students, namely nationals of the European Union, the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein), Monaco, Andorra, Switzerland, and Quebec residents. 
  • International students holding a long-term resident card or students who have declared their tax household or have been attached to a tax household in France for more than 2 years.
  • Students with refugee status or beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, or children of a beneficiary of such statuses. 
  • International students registered for doctoral studies, with the authority to direct research, and for master's degrees in medical, dental and pharmaceutical studies, regardless of their nationality.
  • International students registered for a grandes écoles preparatory class, regardless of their nationality, and with a double registration for a Bachelor's degree at the university.
  • Students registered at a French as a Foreign Language (FFL) centre in France before the start of the 2019/2020 academic year, regardless of their nationality. 

In accordance with decree No. 2019-344 of 19 April 2019 on the terms of exemption from registration fees for non-EU students following studies at a public higher education institution, the institution's grants and exemptions commission:

  • will define annually the amount of the partial exemptions granted;
  • will identify students eligible for partial or total exemption, taking into account the previously defined criteria, the quota available if applicable, and exemptions previously granted for a multi-year period;
  • will proceed to examine the applications according to a previously defined procedure;
  • will make its proposals to the head of the institution.