UJM & COVID-19Information about this academic year



Registrations take place until September 30, 2020. Doctoral students are allowed to register until the end of November.
Find more information on this page (in French).
For any question, please contact directly the admission office on the websites of your Faculty or Institute.

Organisation of the courses

The University Jean Monnet has decided to use the hybrid synchronous approach to deliver courses. This means that some students will attend courses on the campus and at the same time, such courses will be delivered live online to the others.

Faculties and Institutes are responsible for assigning students in the different groups in order to respect sanitary measures and social distancing.

This system may change and be adapted during the academic year according to the national sanitary situation.

Find more information on this page (in French).

Organization of internships in France and abroad

How are internships organized in France?

Given the evolution of the sanitary situation and the resumption of on-site activity at the national level, the internships can proceed normally.

This concerns:

  • voluntary professional integration internships
  • internships lasting less than 4 weeks
  • internships lasting more than 4 weeks

How are internships carried out abroad?

For internships abroad, each student must contact their education department. To get the contact of your education service, go to the website of your Faculty or Institute.

Consult the list of Faculties and Institutes websites (in French).

The referents within the Faculties and Institutes will consult the security and defense Officer of Jean Monnet University to obtain a prior security opinion in order to assess the opportunity to carry out an internship,
depending on the host country and the sanitary regulations in force there.

These measures can change depending on the sanitary situation.

Functioning of the libraries on the campuses

Please visit this website (in French) to get information on opening hours and any update on the collecting and returning process.


Barrier measures and social distancing

The University Jean Monnet implements the national recommendations and guidance regarding barrier measures, social distancing, cleaning of premises and installation of signage to indicate the way to go for students and staff. Official councils of the university are involved in this process as well.

Wearing a mask is mandatory and permanent at University Jean Monnet:

  • in the corridors
  • stairs
  • elevators
  • classrooms
  • lecture halls
  • libraries
  • living spaces (meeting rooms, patios, outdoor forecourt)

Soon, the University Jean Monnet will give each student washable "general public" masks. Information will be provided later about the date and the distribution points.

The teaching spaces (classrooms, lecture halls) are organized so as to respect a distance of at least 1 meter between individuals side by side. In the lecture halls, signage is in place to prevent students from passing each other.

Face-to-face lessons take place in compliance with sanitary capacity and the recommended distance rules of approximately 2.5 m² per student. To ensure that social distancing is respected, students can only seat on every other seat.

Find more information on our FAQ (in French).

Procedure in case of symptoms of Covid-19

Please follow the procedure indicated on the government website which is:
• avoid contact and do not come to the University without medical advice
• call your doctor who will order a virological test if necessary
• inform the University Medical Office: brigitte.poizat@univ-st-etienne.fr
• if the test is positive, you will be invited to stay at home confined for 14 days, or in a place made available for you
• call SAMU “15” if you have breathing difficulties

In general, if you have any questions related to your health, please contact Doctor Brigitte Poizat (University Medical Office of the University Jean Monnet): brigitte.poizat@univ-st-etienne.fr or her welcome desk, calling +33 04 69 66 11 00 or + 33 04 69 66 11 12, Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

All the details are published on the FAQ, in French. This may be adapted according to the national sanitary situation.
Watch our video (subtitles in English) to learn about the sanitary measures that apply in your daily routine at the University Jean Monnet:


Students support

A dedicated website (in French) lists different supports for students on any medical, psychological, social and digital issues.
Find more information on this website.

Student’s life

  • Accommodation: you have several housing options during your studies
  • Restaurants: on all our campuses, you have access to the university’s restaurants and cafeterias
  • Transport: the campuses are accessible by buses and tramways
  • Student’s life: cultural, sporting and recreational events are organized throughout the year

Find more information on the dedicated website (in French): https://bienvenuealujm.univ-st-etienne.fr and on the Student’s Life pages (in French).

Culture and sport

Cultural and sporting activities are maintained under specific sanitary measures. A display summarizing these measures will be shown to the public, in places where these activities are practiced: the performance hall, rooms for cultural workshops and the Sports Hall.

Find more information on this page (in French).