Our campuses

Our campuses

Discover the 5 campuses that make up Jean Monnet University - “UJM”.

1 - The Tréfilerie campus and the Denis Papin site

Located in the heart of the city, the Tréfilerie campus of Jean Monnet University is dedicated to humanities education and covers a wide range of subjects.

It encompasses the faculties of Law, Arts-Letters-Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Institute of Business Administration specialising in economics and management, and the Department of Political and Territorial Studies, which has close ties to Sciences Po Lyon’s Saint-Etienne campus. Its numerous research laboratories foster connections between education and research.

The Tréfilerie campus is also home to the Maison de l'Université with its departments and services, including the student life service.

La Maison de l'Université ©DR

2- The Santé Innovations campus

The Santé Innovations campus houses Jean Monnet University at its faculty of medicine, near the Saint-Étienne university hospital. It includes two regional platforms, the Regional Institute of Medicine and Sports Engineering (IRMIS) and the Hygée centre dedicated to preventive medicine and health.

The faculty of medicine is at the centre of multidisciplinary projects in connection with other components of UJM, in particular in the humanities sector. It boasts a university library specialising in health.

The faculty of medicine ©DR


3 - The Manufacture campus

The emblem of an ecosystem where universities have close ties with the economic world, this campus is home to Jean Monnet University (UJM). It deploys recognised expertise in the field of surface engineering.

The Hubert Curien Laboratory (UJM/CNRS/Institute of Optics), the UJM’s faculty of science and technology (international master’s degrees), the Telecom Saint-Étienne engineering school (UJM), the Use’In incubator and the private company HEF develop influential projects based on the Manutech brand: labex Manutech SISE, equipex Manutech USD and the  Manutech-SLEIGHT university research school. La Fabrique de l’Innovation is also present on this campus through the D-Factory.

Télécom Saint-Etienne @Charlotte Pierrot

4- The Métare campus

This campus of Jean Monnet University (UJM) is dedicated to the “Surfaces Interfaces Optics” subject area with the faculty of science and technology and its seven departments (biology-biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, sports science, mathematics, physics, and geology), joined by several research laboratories, and with Saint-Étienne IUT (University Institute of Technology) consisting of six departments (GACO, GEA, GBGE, TC, GEII, GMP and MP).

La Métare Campus ©DR


5 - The Roanne campus

A branch of Jean Monnet University, the Roanne campus offers courses at bachelor's and master's level. Roanne IUT is also based on this campus, with some specialisations like the DUETI (international technology degree), DUSFT (degree in fundamental science for technology), or Pass'Pro DUT (for vocational baccalaureate holders). Research activities are carried out within the Laboratory of Signal Analysis and Industrial Processes (LASPI).

Roanne Campus ©Studio 36


This map shows the campuses’ locations in the city of Saint-Étienne: the Tréfilerie Campus with the Maison de l'Université and Espace Denis Papin, Métare Campus, Manufacture Campus and Santé Innovations Campus.