UJM in figures

UJM in figures

4 fields of study :

- Arts, Litterature, Languages
- Humanities and Social Sciences
- Law, Economics, Management
- Science, Technology, Health

 25 vocational bachelor’s degrees
 51 sandwich courses
 74 bachelor’s degrees DUTs (University Technology Degrees) master’s degrees
  medical degrees
  engineering degrees

Faculties, Institutes and Campuses

 5 Faculties:
- Faculty of Medicine
- Faculty of Law
- Faculty of Arts, Letters, Languages
- Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
- Faculty of Science and Technology

5 Institutes:
- Saint-Étienne IAE (Institute of Business Administration)
- Saint-Étienne IUT
- Roanne IUT
 - TELECOM Saint-Étienne engineering school
- the Institut du travail (Institute of Labour)

The Department of Political and Territorial Studies

6 campuses in Saint-Étienne, Roanne and Firminy


 6 Doctoral Schools
33 Research Units
12 Federative Research Structures
10 M€ worth of contractual research

Students, degrees and professional integration

20,000 students
3,200 international students
6,300 graduates per year
89% of master’s graduates find related employment within 2 to 30 months


1,500 staff
450 research professors
360 doctoral students

budget of 129 M€