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Olivier Leclerc is Research Professor at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). He is head of the research group ‘Sciences, innovation, and democracy’ and a member of the executive board of the Center for Critical Legal Research (CERCRID) at University of Lyon. Olivier is Honorary Professor at Kent Law School and a member of the research group SoCriL (Social Critiques of Law).

Olivier’s primary area of research involves the legal conditions for the production, diffusion and use of scientific and technical knowledge in public and private decision-making. His research interests include expertise, evidence, whistleblowing, scientific work. His research is informed by insights from comparative law, theory of law, sociology of law, and Science and technology studies.

Olivier has published several books and papers (full publication listing). Recently published books and edited collections include L’analyse juridique de (x). Le droit parmi les sciences sociales (Paris, Kimé, 2016, with R. Encinas de Munagorri, S. Hennette-Vauchez, C. M. Herrera), Droit de la preuve (Paris, Puf, coll. « Thémis », 2015, with E. Vergès et G. Vial), Droit et humanisme. Autour de Jean Papon, juriste forézien (Paris, Classiques Garnier, 2015, ed., with M. Delmas-Marty et A. Jeammaud), Le droit et la science en action (Paris, Dalloz, 2013, articles from Sheila Jasanoff translated and presented by O. Leclerc), L’essor du vote dans les relations professionnelles (Paris, Dalloz, 2011, ed., with A. Lyon-Caen).

Olivier was trained in both law, economics and management in universities Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne, Rennes 1 and Paris X – Nanterre. He has been a fellow at Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan. Olivier holds a Ph.D in private law from the University Paris Ouest – Nanterre La Défense (2003) and is accredited to supervise research (HDR, 2012). Before being appointed to the CNRS in 2011, Olivier has been an associate professor at University Paris Ouest – Nanterre La Défense (2005-2011). He has held visiting positions at Universidad Carlos III, Universidad Complutense, Arizona State University, Kent Law School, Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law, University of Western Australia. He teaches evidence, sociology of law and comparative labour law in various French universities (university Lyon 2, university Jean Monnet, university Paris Ouest – Nanterre La Défense).

Olivier’s doctoral dissertation has been granted distinctions by the Chancery of the universities of Paris and the Institut des Hautes Études sur la Justice.

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