Séminaire Impulsion n°13

Séminaire IMPulsion N°13“Synthesis of high added-value organic molecules by reactive extrusion”

à 10 h Visio en Salle du conseil pour l’UJM

Dr Thomas-Xavier Métro Institut des Biomolécules Max Mousseron
Equipe Chimie Verte et Technologies Innovantes, Montpellier, France

“Synthesis of high added-value organic molecules by reactive extrusion”

Chemical industry is classically synthesizing high added-value organic molecules (biologically active molecules, organometallic complexes, etc) in solution utilising batch processes. Recently, solvent-based continuous-flow processes became increasingly popular in fine organic chemistry, presenting various advantages over batch synthesis such as higher selectivities, better control over exothermic events, more precise control of stoichiometry,
higher versatility in reaction conditions, as well as better in-line and real-time monitoring of reactions. Yet, one prerequisite of such processes is the solubility of reactants, intermediates and products to avoid clogging of the system due to the presence of solids and/or highly viscous reaction mixtures. This leads to the use of large amounts of solvents that are often volatile and toxic, while accounting for the major part of the waste produced. In a green
chemistry perspective, removing the solvents from a reaction media is highly attractive and it has been demonstrated to be feasible on a wide array of reactions by using ball-milling under batch conditions. Yet, ball-milling production of high added-value molecules under continuous conditions is not straightforward. Recently, reactive extrusion has appeared as a powerful alternative to overcome these difficulties with surprisingly high efficiency. Applied to the synthesis of high added-value molecules, this innovative approach gathers multiple advantages : solvent-free, continuous-flow conditions, high reaction rates, high tolerance
towards solids, high security, time and chemicals economy. Our most striking discoveries in this field will be presented during this communication.