The international attractiveness of Jean Monnet University (UJM) further enhanced by the recognition of 4 new Master programs through the financial support of University of Lyon

UJM: 4 new international Master programsApply for scholarships!

Université Jean Monnet sees 4 of its Master's degree (co-accredited Master's degree, organized in four semesters and operated by at least two UdL higher education institutions) funded under the Initiative of Excellence (IDEX) obtained by the Lyon-Saint Etienne site.

These Master degrees were selected within the framework of a call for proposals, for their international dimension and their strong links between research, training and professional insertion in the fields of excellence of University of Lyon (Biosafety and Society - Science and Engineering - Humanities and Urbanity).


The IDEXLYON support is intended to cover expenses related to the internationalization of Masters and to develop their attractiveness, particularly through the financial support of:

  • International development (study trips, visiting professors, ...);
  • Internship scholarships abroad (outgoing mobility);
  • Educational innovation (materials, educational equipment, etc.).

Incoming scholarships for foreign students enrolled in these Masters (incoming mobility) will also be awarded.

These are the Masters:

APE (Economic Analysis and Policy Master degree) - Corinne AUTANT-BERNARD (corinne.autant @
METIS (Management, conservation and rehabilitation of tangible and intangible heritage) - Robert BELOT (robert.belot @
MLDM (Machine Learning and Data Mining Master degree) - Marc SEBBAN (marc.sebban @
OIVM (Optics-Image-Vision-Multimedia Master degree) - Nathalie DESTOUCHES (nathalie.destouches @

* AlterVilles and AlterEurope Master degrees have also been renewed (with an extended recognition at the European and International Studies diploma mention for AlterEurope).

University of Lyon has awarded so far a total of 19 Masters * (covering a large part of its academic offer: Bio health and society - Sciences and Engineering - Humanities and Urbanity).

These Masters are part of the international attractiveness policy of UdL and therefore of UJM because of their strong international dimension.

Initiatives of Excellence (IDEX) are part of the future investments program whose goal is to create in France world-class multidisciplinary groups of higher education and research.

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Some international Master degrees of Jean Monnet University can also be found in the list of University of Lyon Master degrees of excellence (see above) which allow to apply to another type of scholarship.

Therefore, you may apply:

- either to University of Lyon scholarships dedicated to one of the Master's program of excellence included in Jean Monnet University list of international Master’s degree;
- or to Jean Monnet University Foundation scholarships : See the link "Call for applications international scholarships".

These scholarships are not cumulative.