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A column of an attribute table also called a field. A field contains information that are all attributes of the geographical entity considered present in the layer. A field is defined by the type of information it contains: text, whole digital, real-numeric, date … and its length. It is essential to consider the type and length fields of a table from the conception of the database. A text field will accept any alphanumeric character, while a numeric field will only accept integers or real depending on the option. A text field can contain numbers, a code example. It will not digitize, however. For example, we are not able to calculate the average values of the field. Similarly, only a numeric field can compute the values added to those of another field, provided that it is numerical as well. Numeric fields can be treated as statistical variables. The length of a field is also important. For a text field, it is the number of characters that will be entered in the field. For a numeric, field length is the number of positions that will accommodate the number (tens, hundreds, thousands and the number of decimal places).
See also: Database Management System (DBMS)
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