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There are a lot of diverse Computer languages, that allow computer specialist and coders to design, implement and operate a computer system.

In geomatics, 5 languages ​​are often used:

  • SQL: building database queries
  • PYTHON: script programming on GIS software (notably QGIS, FME, Mapinfo)
  • JAVAJAVA: object-oriented programming for mobile application mainly)
  • HTML/CSS/PHP/JAVASCRIPT: web programming
  • C/C++: Microcontroller Programming (used for instance on all MathLab modules)

However, many other computings languages ​​exist and may be used in geomatics in the future.


  • Microsoft Office recently launched a cartographic visualization from data in an Excel table. It is possible that VBA will be more used in ths future.
  • Also lesser-known languages ​​likeQtScript, which offers widget components, data access, network connections, XML parsing, etc. Today its features are very popular for Web development. Geoweb may be concerned very soon.
  • Or the GLSL, a language that allows an approach of 3D modeling.
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