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Entity-Relationship (Model)

This model of data, often mistakenly called an entity-relationship model, graphically transcribes the interdependencies between the components of an information system. It shows how these are related by connecting the entities of the information system to the objects to be managed (a parcel, a building, an owner …). For example, the link between a plot of land and an owner will be “owned by” and the relationship between the building and the plot will be “built on.” An entity-relationship model is a classic expression of a conceptual model of data.

In the diagrams produced for this type of model, the entities appear as rectangles containing the name of the entity and associations in the form of ellipses often contain a verb describing the relationship.

The diagram above reads as follows: a path contains equipment. The conceptual data model also indicates the cardinality, which describe the associations between tables.
[French: Entité-Association (Modèle)]

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