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Land Registration

This is a collection of documents established through topographical surveys and various administrative operations, whose purpose is to provide evidence and delimit land ownership and specify the nature of land use. It may also often be used in the calculation of some taxes.

In France, it results to a table of owners (matrice) associated to a cadastral plan at the municipal level, divided into sections, themselves subdivided into sheets (or boards). The entire plan consists of approximately 600,000 sheets. Each has plots, which may contain buildings. The cadatsral map does not give a definitive statement of the legal boundaries of a property, which can only be established by a land survey.

A digitized cadastral plan is accessible for free on the Web for example on cadastre.gouv. The data are in vector (digitized sheets) for most of the territory or images (scanned sheets), from which it is possible to extract plans.

[French : Cadastre]

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