Research at Jean Monnet University

Jean Monnet University's research strategy, in line with the University of Lyon's policy of scientific excellence, is based on a unique potential, with an innovative ecosystem: nearly 450 research professors, more than 60 nationally and internationally renowned laboratories, and advanced technological equipment.

Developed around Campus projects and organised into 3 main areas, "Surfaces, Interfaces, Optics", "Health, Sport, Engineering" and "Humanities, Mutation, Territories", UJM draws strength from its dynamic of excellence in touch with social issues. It relies on first-rate partnership activity with local companies and public bodies, promoting valorisation and technology transfer through its huge industrial potential.

Thanks to its cross-disciplinary approach, Jean Monnet University in Saint-Étienne is a leading player in Technical and Industrial Scientific Culture (TISC) in the Loire area. Producing, sharing and disseminating knowledge within its territory through outreach helps to stir citizens' curiosity about science and encourage open-mindedness.

IRMIS Platform ©Fabrice Roure

Research at UJM focuses on 5 priorities for action:

  • It supports projects for publications, symposia and high-potential equipment, along with researcher recruitment;
  • It also identifies, supports and assists individual initiatives (ERC, IUF, Chairs, etc.) and collective initiatives of excellence such as EUR MANUTECH SLEIGHT;
  • It puts laboratories at the heart of Institution policy with a requirement for progression and integration in IDEX programmes;
  • It supports international projects: doctoral mobility, international research networks, resourcing;
  • It cultivates a multidisciplinary approach that furthers high-level academic objectives and technological and societal innovations.

Research also receives solid support from the Jean Monnet University Foundation, which is a promotion driver. The Foundation also encourages research professors from research laboratory teams to start their own projects.

Key figures

  • 30 laboratories including 18 CNRS and INSERM Mixed Research Units divided into 5 major disciplinary fields
  • Twenty laboratories supervised jointly with Institutions of the University of Lyon
  • 450 research professors attached to UJM laboratories, 380 doctoral students
  • 6 doctoral schools of which 5 are co-accredited with Institutions of the University of Lyon
  • €5 M worth of contractual research