5 thematic campus in Saint-Étienne and Roanne

Tréfilerie campus - Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Located in the center of the city of Saint-Étienne, the Tréfilerie campus of the Jean Monnet University is dedicated to training in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences and covers a wide range of disciplines. It consists of 3 sites: the main site, the Denis Papin site and 77 Michelet site.

The main site hosts the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences and the IAE Saint-Étienne (Institute of Business Administration) School of Management, the link training-research is cultivated through the establishment of many research laboratories on this campus. The main site of the Tréfilerie campus is also the headquarters of the Maison de l'Université, which houses directorates and administrative services, including campus life (student life, prevention and health, culture, sport). The Denis Papin site hosts the Faculty of Arts, Literature, Languages, the International Office and the Sports Hall. 77 Michelet’s site brings together the Department of Political and Territorial Studies, the Saint-Étienne School of Economics, and Sciences Po Lyon campus of Saint-Étienne.

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Download the general map of this campus (the Tréfilerie main site, the Denis Papin site and the 77 Michelet site)

Download the map of the Tréfilerie main site and the 77 Michelet site

Download the map of the Denis Papin site

Manufacture campus - Sciences & Engineering

Emblematic of an ecosystem that closely combines University and business, this campus hosts among other the Hubert Curien Laboratory (UJM/CNRS/Institut d'Optique) and School of Engineering Télécom Saint-Étienne. They develop high-impact projects based on the Manutech brand: labex Manutech SISE, Manutech USD team and Manutech-SLEIGHT Graduate School.

In this dynamic environment, there is the Forges building, which houses students and research teachers from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, a learning center, the Use'In incubator, technology platforms and a fablab. This building offers original educational and creative spaces. It is an innovative training and research centre that brings together many of JMU’s expertise around innovation

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Download the map of the Manufacture campus

Health campus

On this campus, the Jean Monnet University houses a recognized offer of training in health, supported by the Faculty of Medicine and a high level research. It awards diplomas enabling the exercise of many medical professions or in the field of health, in public and para-public structures, but also in the liberal sector.

It counts 8 laboratories and teams of health research, an Institute of Prevention and Global Health and a Regional Institute of Medicine and Engineering of Sport that develop a research, fundamental and translational, of high level. This campus allows dynamics of scientific, economic and academic collaborations with the Saint-Étienne University Hospital and other structures.

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Download the map of the Santé Innovations campus

Métare campus  - Sciences & Technologies

This wooded campus, at the edge of Pilat, hosts the Faculty of Sciences and Technology which concentrates 6 pedagogical departments and a common center, offering diplomas ranging from Bachelor’s degree to Master’s degree and to which 5 research laboratories lean, as well as the Institute of Technology (IUT) of Saint-Étienne.

This campus offers an environment close to nature, with a shared garden and refuges for birds, insects and small mammals. Part of the campus is also managed in eco-pasture.

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Download the map of the Faculty of Sciences and Technics on the Métare campus

Download the map of the IUT de Saint-Étienne on the Métare campus

Campus of Roanne

The Roanne campus, in a new dynamic, offers many trainings since September 2022, through a large atypical IUT in the national landscape, the Institute of Technology (IUT) of Roanne. The aim is to be able to facilitate the bridges between the courses, up to the Master’s or even the PhD, and to improve the services provided to students.

Also equipped with a library, this campus has recently been transformed thanks to the arrival of a new building which houses new classrooms, an incubator for innovation and entrepreneurship, and the Laboratory for Analysis of Industrial Signals and Processes.

©Frédérique Feuvrier - UJM

Download the map of the Roanne campus