Student mobility and inclusion

Are you a student with a disability who would like to study in Saint-Étienne? Jean Monnet University is committed to supporting you throughout your time here so you can study in the best possible conditions. Technical and human assistance is available according to your disability and needs: 

  • Loan of equipment (PC, software, Dictaphone, HF microphone)
  • Special educational support
  • Extra time to complete exams
  • Assistance from a note-taker
  • An assistant to help you get around the campus
  • Personalised tour of the campus
  • A work room equipped with a computer is also provided for students for tutoring sessions or personal work

To find out about arrangements that could benefit you, please contact the disability reception service at:
Bureau d'Accueil Handicap 
Tel: 04 77 42 17 22 / 04 77 42 17 85
accueilhandicap @

You can also contact the International service:
Tel: 04 77 43 79 70
 accueil-international @

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