Soutien Ukraine Anglais


Jean Monnet University (UJM) expresses its deep solidarity with the entire academic community of Ukraine, which has been severely affected by the war since February 24th of February.

True to its humanist values, Jean Monnet University, in collaboration with its partners, is currently working on the setting-up of reception facilities for Ukrainian professors, lecturers, researchers, students in exile, to enable them to continue their studies, their teaching and their work in the best possible conditions.

We are working on different proposals of supportive programmes :

- Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students and PHD students /doctoral candidates to help them to continue their studies ;
- Support for professors, lecturers and researchers within the framework of the national program PAUSE initiated by the French government. PAUSE aims to welcome and protect teachers and researchers from countries where the political situation puts their work and their families in danger.
- Training courses for non-French speaking students, through the International Language and Civilization Center (CILEC), whose mission is dedicated to teach French to foreign people.

If you are a student at any level of study (from undergraduate level to PhD level) and if you want to come to UJM to continue your studies or research, please present your academic experience and chosen course of study on the emergency reception portal for the students from Ukraine, set up by Campus France.
This portal aims to put you in contact with a higher education institution in France (UJM included) and pursue your academic careers.

If you are a professor, a lecturer or a researcher, and if you want to come to UJM to continue your research or if you are in contact with a member of the university community in Ukraine who would like to be hosted at the UJM: please contact us at   ukraine @ 

Published on March 3, 2022