Art, Humanities & Social Science

Art, Humanities and Social SciencesTréfilerie campus | 4000 students


10 Bachelor Degrees 

- Fine arts

- Performing arts – Dramatic art
Partnership with Ecole de la Comédie de Saint-Etienne

- Foreign languages, literatures and civilizations
English studies
Spanish studies

- Applied foreign languages with 4 possible pairs of languages 

- Literature
Modern literature
Arts and literature
Antiquity literature, languages and cultures

- History

- Geography and development

- Sociology 
Double diploma with social working degrees

- Education and training sciences   
Primary school teaching
Volontary sector, regional government, popular education
Education, health and prevention
Double diploma with social working degrees

1 Vocational Bachelor Degree 

- Social working & social care
Social and solidarity economy development project coordinator
Accessible to Lifelong learning

10 Masters Degrees | 48 programs

- Arts
Music : management and administration (partnership with IAE – School of Management)
Music : Research
Modern creation and new technologies
Creation and research in fine arts
Art edition / Artist’s book
Art sciences

- Design
Creative and industrial professions
Design management (partnership with IAE – School of Management)

- Literature
Modern literature
Cultural institutions professions

- Performing arts – Dramatic art (partnership with the École de la Comédie de Saint-Étienne)
Applied foreign languages
International trade relations 

- Translation and interpretation
Writing and translating professions

- Foreign languages, literatures and civilizations
English studies
Cultures and interculturalities of media in spanish and latino-american worlds

- Languages didactics
French as a foreign language – language teaching engineering
Sociodidactics, cultural and linguistic diversity promotion

- History
Historian professions

- History, Civilization and Heritage
Heritage professions management
International programs

- Geomatics
Numerical geographies

- Environment management
Prevention and management of environmental degradations

- Professions of education, teaching and training (partnership with Regional education authority of Lyon)
Fine arts
English language
Spanish language
History and geography
Primary school teacher

- Sociology
Social sciences survey methologies and tools 

- Social working and development
Social policies and territorial development

- Political Science
European policies – Neighbourhood of UE (AlterEuropa)
Alternative governance and urban policies (AlterCities)
Social stakes of health policies

- Education and training sciences
Expertise and research in education
Devices and projects design for childhood and youth

2 international Master Programs

- International programme in Translation
English – French – Italian - Spanish
Partnership with University ofGranada (Es), University of Padova (It), University of Vilnius (Lt)

- Literature and cultural studies 
Distance learning (FR)

1 Erasmus Mundus Joint Master

- Dynamics of cultural landscapes and heritage management (DYCLAM+)
Partnership with IP Tomar (Pt), UBB Cluj (Ro), UF2 Napoli (It)

ARTS Institute - Graduate School

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Creating a dynamics in research and teaching about issues in arts, society, territory, ethics and politics.
In association with cultural and artistic institutions

Faculties, Institutes & Schools

- Faculty of Arts, Literature, Languages

- Faculty of Human & Social Sciences

- CILEC (International centre for languages and civilizations), French as a foreign language

- Department of Political and Territorial Studies

- ARTS Institute Graduate School (Arts, Research, Territory, Knowledge)

- Doctoral school Literature, Languages, Linguistics, Arts 

- Doctoral school Education Sciences, Psychology, Information & Communication

- Doctoral school Social Sciences