Law, Economics and Management

Law, Economics and ManagementTréfilerie, Métare & Roanne campuses | 5000 students


4 Bachelor Degrees | 10 programs

- Law
Law and health
Law, society, languages

- Public Administration

- Economics
International program in economics

- Management
Management of structures
Accounting, control, audit and finance
Advising, innovation and digital strategies
International business management

3 Bachelor of Technology Degrees

- Management
Management of companies and administrations

- Marketing
Marketing and administrative management of organizations

6 Vocational Bachelor Degrees

- Notarial professions
- Legal assistant
- Professions of administrations and territorial institutions
- Professions of estate business: holdings administration and management
- Customer service manager in insurance, bank and finance
- Administration and management of hotel and catering establishments

2 University Degrees

- Law and Political Science
- Economics and Political Science (partnership with Science Po Lyon)

15 Master Degrees | 25 programs

- Public law
International, europeans and comparative laws
Public stakeholders
Public law contracts

- Business law
Medical business
Company lawyer
Human Resources in companies and Social Law

- Private law
Criminal law
Civil law

- Analysis and political economics
Political Engineering
Advisor in territorial development
Data Science and Innovation Management

- Accounting, control, audit and finance
Accounting, control, audit 
Bank business manager : holdings and companies
Financial advising and engineering
Management control and organization audit

- Management of structures
Sanitary and Social organization Management
International Management
Management of trade and sales
Projects Management
General Management (double skills)

- Advising, innovation and numerical strategies
Studies and research in Management
Marketing and Innovation strategy
Management of Design
Communication strategies, Management and Digital Marketing

2 Doctoral Schools

- Law
- Economical Sciences and Management

1 Graduate School

- Saint-Étienne School of Economics Graduate School

2 International Bachelor programs

- International program in Economics (3 years, FR/EN)
- International Business (1 year, FR/EN)

3 International Master programs

- International, Europeans and Comparative Laws (FR)
- Political Engineering (FR/EN)
- International Management (FR/EN)

Short programs

- International mobility programs in technology (1 year)
- Internships
- Microcredentials…

 Faculties, Institutes & Schools

Saint-Étienne School of Economics Graduate School

- Faculty of Law

- IAE - Institute of business administration, University School of Management

- Institute of Technology of Saint-Étienne (IUT)

- Institute of Technology of Roanne (IUT)

- Doctoral school Economical sciences and management

- Doctoral school Law