Workshop on Kac-Moody Geometry

Workshop on Kac-Moody Geometry

Station biologique,
Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise, France.

Workshop, Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise, station biologique



Workshop on Kac-Moody Geometry

We are cordially inviting to a workshop on Kac-Moody Geometry held at Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise, France, from May 20th till 24th 2019.
The workshop will consist of eleven lectures by international experts in this area and three mini-courses on the following topics:

  • ''Kac-Moody groups and their metaplectic covers'' by Manish Patnaik
  • ''Masures'' by Guy Rousseau
  • ''Kac-Moody symmetric spaces'' by Tobias Hartnick



Research talks by:
Bernhard Mühlherr, Bertrand Rémy, Guido Pezzini, Ramla Abdellatif, Inna Capdeboscq, Katerina Hristova, Axel Kleinschmidt, Anna Puskas, Dinakar Muthiah, Timothée Marquis, Auguste Hébert

Please register by January 31th 2019 if you intend to participate.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Besse-et-Saint-Anastaise.

Stéphane Gaussent and Ralf Köhl 




Arrival is scheduled for Sunday May 19th 2019 in the afternoon. There will be a shuttle from Clermont-Ferrand main station to Besse-et-Saint Anastaise.

Departure is scheduled for Friday May 24th 2019 in the afternoon. There will also be a shuttle from Besse-et-Saint Anastaise to Clermont-Ferrand main station.

For travel we recommend to fly to Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport and then to take the regional train from Lyon to Clermont-Ferrand.


We will book accommodation for all participants, either at the workshop site or at nearby hotels.




1. Ali, Abid

2. Abdellatif, Ramla

3. Bardy-Panse, Nicole

4. Bischof, Sebastian

5. Bozec, Tristan

6. Capdeboscq, Inna

7. Chhaibi, Reda

8. Ciobotaru, Corina

9. Gaussent, Stéphane

10. Grüning, Julius

11. Harring, Paula

12. Hartnick, Tobias

13. Hébert, Auguste

14. Horn, Max

15. Hristova, Katerina

16. Kac Victor

17. Khanh, Nguyen

18. Kleinschmidt, Axel

19. Köhl, Ralf

20. Lautenbacher, Robin

21. Marquis, Timothée

22. Mühlherr, Bernhard

23. Muthiah, Dinakar

24. Patnaik, Manish

25. Pezzini, Guido

26. Puskás, Anna

27. Rémy, Bertrand

28. Rousseau, Guy

29. Stulemeijer, Thierry

30. Wagner, Nina

31. Weekes, Alex

32. Witzel, Stefan

33. Zhou, Qiao


Poster of the workshop


Lectures and Abstracts

Auguste Hébert:

Title: Principal series representations of Iwahori-Hecke algebras for Kac-Moody groups over local fields.

Abstract: Let $H$ be the Iwahori-Hecke algebra of a reductive group $G$ over a local field. Mastumoto introduced principal series representations of $H$ at the end of the 70's. They are of particular importance in the representation theory of $H$ and every irreducible representation of $H$ appears as a  qoutient of a principal series representation. Matsumoto and then Kato gave criteria of irreducibility for these representations. When $G$ is a Kac-Moody group over a local field, Braverman, Kazhdan and Patnaik and Bardy-Panse Gaussent and Rousseau recently associated an Iwahori-Hecke algebra $H$ to $G$. I will talk about the prinicipal series representations of $H$ and about the generalizations of Matsumoto's and Kato's irreducibility criteria.


Victor Kac:

Title: Cohomology of algebraic structures: from Lie algebras to vertex algebras.


Axel Kleinschmidt:

Title: The compact subalgebra of Kac-Moody algebras and its representations.

Abstract: Any (split real) Kac-Moody Algebra has an Chevalley involution invariant subalgebra with definite invariant bilinear form. This infinite-dimensional Algebra has finite-dimensional representations that were discovered using supergravity and these unfaithful representations have interesting properties and quotients that I will review. Based on work with T. Damour, H. Nicolai and A. Vigano.


 Timothée Marquis:

Title: On the structure of Kac-Moody algebras.

Abstract: In this talk, I will address the following question: given two homogeneous nonzero elements x,y of a symmetrisable Kac-Moody algebra, when is their bracket [x,y] a nonzero element? I will then state some conjectures on the structure of the imaginary subalgebra of a Kac-Moody algebra.


Dinakar Muthiah:

Title: Toward double affine flag varieties and Grassmannians.

Abstract: Recently there has been a growing interest in double affine Grassmannians, especially because of their relationship with Coulomb branches of quiver gauge theories. However, not much has been said about double affine flag varieties. I will discuss some results toward unterstanding double affine flag varieties and Grassmannians (and their Schubert subvarieties) from the point of view of $p$-adic Kac-Moody Groups. I will discuss Hecke algebras, Bruhat order, and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials in this setting. Ideas originating in the Gaussent-Rousseau theory of masures will play a key role. This includes work joint with Daniel Orr and joint with Manish Patnaik.


Manish Patnaik:

Title 1: Metaplectic Kac-Moody groups (construction and basic properties)

Title 2: Representations of p-adic Kac-Moody groups (Satake transforms, Whittaker functions, Jacquet functors, etc.

Title 3: Explicit formulas: Casselman-Shalika formulas, spherical functions, etc.


Guido Pezzini:

Title: Geometry and regular functions on symmetric spaces for Kac-Moody groups.

Abstract: I will report on a joint work in progress with Bart Van Steirteghem, on an algebro-geometric theory of symmetric spaces for (minimal) Kac-Moody groups over the complex numbers. Our goal is to study the structure of such spaces as infinite dimensional algebraic varieties (ind-varieties). Inspired by work of Kac and Peterson, we also study the properties of a suitable ring of functions that we consider a good generalization of the ring of regular functions of the finite-dimensional setting. New phenomena, not occurring in the classical setting, will be illustrated, and I will also discuss the possibility of defining equivariant completions of such symmetric spaces.


Anna Puskás:

Title:  A correction factor for Kac-Moody groups and t-deformed root multiplicities

Abstract: We will discuss a correction factor which arises in the theory of p-adic Kac-Moody groups, for example in formulas for Whittaker functions in the infinite dimensional setting. In affine type, the factor is known by Cherednik's work on Macdonald's constant term conjecture. More generally, it can be represented as a collection of polynomials of t indexed by positive imaginary roots; these are deformations of root multiplicities. The Peterson algorithm and the Berman-Moody formula can be generalized to compute the correction factor for any t. They both reveal some properties of the correction factor and raise further questions and conjectures about its  structure. This is joint work with Dinakar Muthiah and Ian Whitehead.


Bertrand Rémy:

Title: Topological generation of non-archimedean split simple groups

Abstract: this is joint work with Inna Capdeboscq. We will deal with the problem of counting the minimal number of topological generators for simple algebraic groups over local fields. We have almost complete answers in the split case.


Guy Rousseau:

Title: Masures

Abstract: The Bruhat-Tits buildings are very useful to study reductive groups over a non-Archimedean local field K. The masures play a similar part for Kac-Moody groups over such a field K. They enjoy some properties of these buildings, but not some important ones (replaced by new weaker properties). I shall explain the structure of the masures and their construction for an almost split Kac-Moody group over K. I shall also explain quickly their applications (those known up to now).












Prof. Stéphane GAUSSENT
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