International workshop Mathematical Modeling in Hemodynamics

International workshop Mathematical Modeling in Hemodynamics

Faculté des Sciences et Techniques
Université Jean Monnet
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Multiscale Mathematical and Computer Modeling for Flows in Networks: Application to Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases


Université Jean Monnet, Vilnius University  -  Mines Saint-Etienne       
Research Federative Structure MODMAD FED 4169  -   ICJ UMR CNRS 5208


International workshop
Mathematical Modeling in Hemodynamics

Saint-Etienne, December 8, 2021


The workshop is devoted to an important trend in biomathematics, mathematical modeling in hemodynamics.

This workshop continues the series of conferences on multiscale methods and applications in engineering and biology. Such methods combine microscopic and macroscopic descriptions of the phenomena and are usually based on asymptotic and numerical analysis of the microscopic model equations. The application of these methods allows creating new more adequate and more precise models in biology and medicine.  Also, the workshop will present new results in computer modeling of the blood flow in the heart, thrombus formation and electricity of the heart.

The workshop will bring together the well-known specialists in the topic and young researchers and students.  The theoretical results will be presented together with the numerical and computer experiments. 



S.Avril, Mines Saint-Etienne, France
G.Panasenko, Univerity Jean Monnet, France and Vilnius University, Lithuania
K.Pileckas, Vilnius University, Lithuania


  Speakers :

A. Aliseda, USA,
S. Avril, France,
P. Berg, Germany,
E. Canon, France,
F. Chardard, France,
O. Flores, Spain,
D. Iftimie, France,
K. Kaulakyté, Lithuania,
N. Kozulinas, Lithuania,
V. Solomatova, Russia,
Yu. Vassilevski, Russia,
V. Volpert, France.


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