Publications 2015- UJM

Publications 2015

Biocomposites of Alfa fibers dispersed in the Mater-Bi (R) type bioplastic : Morphology, mechanical and thermal properties
Borchani, Karama E., Carrot C., Jaziri, M.
Composites part a-applied Science and Manufacturing , 2015,  78 , 371-379

Active biodegradable sodium caseinate films manufactured by blown-film extrusion : Effect of thermo-mechanical processing parameters and formulation on lysozyme stability
Colak BY., Peynichou P., Galland S., Oulahal N., Assezat G., Prochazka F., Degraeve P.
Industrial crops and products, 2015, 72, 142-151

Thermosensitive polylactic-acid-based networks
Djidi D., Mignard N., Taha M.
Industrial crops and products, 2015, 72, 220-230

Polymer foaming with chemical blowing agents: Experiment and modeling
Ruiz JA., Vincent M., Agassant JF., Sadik T., Pillon C., Carrot C.
Polymer Engineering & Science, 2015, 55, 2018–2029

Polystyrene supramolecular networks based on DA-AD hydrogen bonds
Ni YP., Becquart, F., Adidou O., Majeste JC., Chen JD., Taha M.
Designed monomers and polymers, 2015, 18, 486-499

Chemical modification routes of synthetic talc : Influence on its nucleating power and on its dispersion state
Fiiorentino B., Fulchiron R., Bounor-Legare V., Majeste JC., Leblond JC., Duchet-Rumeau J.
Applied clay science, 2015, 109, 107-118

Untreated and alkali treated fibers from Alfa stem : effect of alkali treatment on structural, morphological and thermal features
Borchani, Karama E., Carrot C.,  Jaziri M.
Cellulose, 2015, 22, 1577-1589

Synthesis of multi-thiol functionalized polylactic acid, polyhydroxybutyrate and polycaprolactone
Belkhir K., Shen H., Chen JD., Jegat C., Taha M.
European polymer journal, 2015, 66, 290-300

A kinetic model for silica-filled rubber reinforcement
Majeste JC., Vincent F.
Journal of rheology, 2015, 59, 405-427

Study of the influences of film processing conditions and glycerol amount on the water sorption and gas barrier properties of novel sodium caseinate films
Colak BY., Gouanve F., Degraeve P., Espuche E., Prochazka F.
Journal of membrane science, 2015, 478, 1-11

Purification of post-consumer polyolefins via supercritical CO2 extraction for the recycling in food contact applications
Ben Said A., Guinot C., Ruiz JC., Charton F., Dole P., Joly C., Chalamet Y.
The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 98, 2015, 25-32

Effect of a supercritical fluid on starch-based polymer processed with ionic liquid
Bendaoud A., Chalamet Y.
European polymer journal, 2015, 63, 237-246

Mediating Gel Formation from Structurally Controlled Poly(Electrolytes) Through Multiple “Head-to-Body” Electrostatic Interactions
Srour H., Ratel O.,  Leocmach M., Adams E., Denis-Quanquin S., Appukuttan V., Taberlet N., Manneville S., Majesté JC., Carrot C., Andraud C. and Monnereau C.
Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2015, 36, 55–59

Residence time distributions in a co-kneader: A chemical engineering approach
Monchatre B., Raveyre C. and Carrot C.
Polymer Engineering & Science, 2015, 55, 1237–1245

Antimicrobial Activity of Nisin and Natamycin Incorporated Sodium Caseinate Extrusion-Blown Films: A Comparative Study with Heat-Pressed/Solution Cast Films
Colak B., Peynichou P., Galland S., Oulahal N., Prochazka F. and Degraeve P.
Industrial crops and products,2015, 72, 142-151