2016, mai, Séminaire M. Shillor

Séminaire du MODMAD

à 14 heures

Salle des séminaires du Département de Mathématiques, salle C112

Prof. Meir SHILLOR, Université d'Oakland, USA :
"Models for Material Damage or Adhesion"

Séminaire de la SFR FED 4169 MODMAD


Invité : Prof. Meir SHILLOR, Université d'Oakland, USA

Titre : "Models for Material Damage or Adhesion"

Résumé : We describe mathematical models for the processes of dynamic or quasistatic evolution of the mechanical state of a body and the evolution of material damage (fatigue damage) which develops over longer periods of time as a results of cycles of internal compression and tension.  The problems include a parabolic inclusion for the damage field. The modelling, numerical simulations, as well as the  the existence of the unique local weak solution are discussed.

The cases of a damageable spring, string and a nonlinear Gao beam are presented in some details, as examples. Moreover, mathematical models for dynamic or quasistatic adhesive contact} of a rod or membrane are also described.



Laetitia PAOLI
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