2017 - 7th International Conference Multiscale Modeling

7th International Conference Multiscale Modeling 2017

Center for Mathematical Modeling

FCFM, Universidad de Chile

Beauchef 851, Edificio Norte, Santiago - CHILE

Applications in Engineering, Biology and Medecine

7th International Conférence Multiscale Modeling


The conference will bring together the well-known specialists in the topic and young researchers and students. While the school aims to introduce students and graduates in a wide range of scientific disciplines into the fundamentals and challenges of mathematical and computational modeling of the cardiovascular system.


Conference confirmed speakers :

  • C. Andrade, Chile
  • S. Avril, France
  • E. Canon, France
  • C. Conca, Chile
  • P. Cumsille, Chile
  • F. Chardard, France
  • I. Espinoza, Chile
  • C. Garcia, Chile
  • S. Gutierrez, Chile
  • D. Henao, Chile
  • C. Jerez, Chile
  • J. Mura, Chile
  • G. Panasenko, France
  • A. Panfilov, Belgium
  • L. Paoli, France
  • M. C. Viallon, France
  • V. Volpert, France


Date : Jan 16, 2017
Date of closure : Nov 20, 2016

Venue : Center for Mathematical Modeling, Universidad de Chile. Beauchef 851, Edificio Norte, 7th floor, Santiago – Chile


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email : cbertoglio@dim.uchile.cl
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