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Jean Monnet University at Biennale International Design Saint-Étienne 2022Arts and Science

For the 12th edition of the prestigious "Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne", which will be launched on April 6, 2022, Jean Monnet University is proud to propose a specific program, as part as «Bifurcations» itinerary.

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Through its Arts, Research, Territories, Knowledge (ARTS) initiative, the ECLLA Laboratory, the Faculty of Arts, Letters, Languages, the EVS-ISTHME laboratory and the Max Weber Centre, and partners such as the École Supérieure d'Art et Design de Saint-Étienne and the Parc-Musée de la Mine, the University actively contributes to the dynamics of the event, in a global transdisciplinary approach, with a cultural program highlighting his research as well as the productions of his students.

ARTS project, a dynamic of research and training around the arts
As an initiative of the Jean Monnet University, ARTS combines methodological and critical approaches, knowledge and practice, research and creation, in an active collaboration between universities, arts schools and cultural institutions. ARTS project aims to create  questionnings about the arts and also societal, territorial, ethical and political issues, enlightened by a historical and epistemological approach.
Website :  arts.univ-st-etienne.fr
Contact :  projet-arts @ univ-st-etienne.fr



«Explorations Arts/Sciences: shared research »

From 8th to 17th of April, 2022
Location: 2nd floor, bâtiment des Forges/ Centre des Savoirs pour l'innovation, 11 rue du Docteur Rémy Annino in Saint-Étienne
Meeting with the artists: Friday, April 8, at 2 pm
Opening: Friday, April 8, at 5pm

The exhibition, accompanied by a series of experimental film screenings, offered at the bâtiment des Forges/ Centre des Savoirs pour l'innovation, marks the opening of this ambitious cultural program of the event, around the arts and societal issues, territorial, ethical and political.

The works presented in this exhibition are related to interactive design, digital art, visual arts and video art and gather around the theme of the interactions between arts, science and technology.

4 guest artists: Sandra and Gaspard Bébié-Valerian, Beat Lippert, Fred Périé
Young artists graduated from the Master Directors in Digital Art of the UJM: Anne-Sophie Brunet, Natalia Giraldo, Ombline Touzet
Training and creation: From September to December 2020, the students of the Master Design, Métiers d'Art et Industrie collaborated with engineering students from Télécom Saint-Étienne to develop projects at the crossroads of design, computer science and electronics. Two of the five projects developed will be presented.

Screenings cycle
Amphitheatre L219, bâtiment des Forges/ Centre des Savoirs pour l'innovation
Free sessions in the presence with the filmmakers

  • Friday, April 8 at 6:30pm :
    Guillaume Ballandras, La Diagonale du vide (2015, 28'),
    Martina Magri, Fortress Temptation (2017, 12’)
    Joséphine Drouin Viallard, Guy Moquet’s Indian (2020, 27’)
  • Tuesday, April 12 at 6:00 pm : Jacques Perconte, Ettrick (2015, 57’)
  • Wednesday, April 13 at 6pm : Fabien Zocco and Gwendal Sartre, Attack the Sun (2019, 64’)
  • Thursday, April 14 at 6 p.m : Philippe Fernandez, Léger tremble du paysage (2008, 85’)
  • Friday, April 15 at 6 p.m : Ismail Bahri, Orientations (2010, 20’) and Settlement (2011, 8’)

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Sub-limis: the mining legacy «reloaded» to a different landscape 

Exhibition - Curators: Nathalie Siewierski (Parc-Musée de la Mine) and Georges-Henry Laffont (ENSASE/ EVS-ISTHME)
From April 6th to July 31th, 2022
Location: Parc-Musée de la Mine, Parc Joseph Sanguedolce - 3 bd Franchet d'Esperey Saint-Étienne

In the dialogue with the heritage brought to Couriot/ Musée de la Mine for 30 years, it is a question of raising questions and encounters through an exploration of the ways in which the issues, challenges and "world tremors" are embodied in the territory..

Team: Georges-Henry Laffont (ENSASE/EVS-ISTHME), Oscar Barney (ECLLA, ENSASE) and Guillaume Benier (ENSASE), Paul Roth (ENSASE) and second-year undergraduate students from ENSASE

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Making Steel #3: Health itinerary

From April 8th to May 21th, 2022 - from 9am to 6pm
Location: At l'Antenne, 7–8 Arcades of the City Hall in Saint-Étienne 
Collaboration between the École Supérieure d'Art et Design de Saint-Étienne, with Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne, the CNRS and the Max Weber Centre.

This exhibition shows the work resulting from collaborations and the plurality of analytical/ aesthetic/ sociological approaches around the project led by the artist collective Topotrope since 2018 on the urban sector of the Pont de l'Âne, located at the entrance to the city of Saint-Étienne and to the photographic and sound shooting. 

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Digital reconstruction of a sunken landscape, a return before the bifurcation 

Documentary film
From 8th to 17th April, 2022 - open every day from 11am to 6pm, closed on Monday 11 April
Location: Hall du Bâtiment des Forges/ Centre des Savoirs pour l'Innovation, 11 rue du Docteur Annino in Saint-Étienne
Screening-meeting in the presence of Michel Depeyre and Pierre-Olivier Mazagol.
June 9th, 2022 at 2:30 pm
Cinémathèque - 20 Rue Jo Gouttebarge, Saint-Étienne

This 3D reconstruction allows to (re)discover the Loire in the department as it no longer exists and, despite its dynamic aspect, to freeze it. It is proposed as a paradoxical antidote, since it is illusory but effective, at these bifurcations thought and chosen by the decision-makers, but endured, then accepted, by the inhabitants and users of the place (workers, customers, bathers, jousters, etc.).

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Wild mountains, backward peasants

From April 13th to June 24th, 2022
Location: TEM-Press - 23 rue Roger Salengro, Saint-Étienne

Delphine Hyvrier, PhD student UJM/ESADSE at the ECLLA Laboratory, presents her research based on archival images and interviews with the inhabitants of the Tignes Valley, to show the paradoxes of modernity and to tell the story of the entry into the Capitalocene through the history of a sunken village.


"Inhabit the margins, inhabit the city"

Encounter with researchers in preview of the study day : Friday, April 15, 2022
Location: Théâtre de la Biennale de design, 3 rue Javelin Pagnon in Saint-Étienne
Study day : 3th and 4th May 2022
Location: Cinémathèque de Saint-Étienne, 20 Rue Jo Gouttebarge, 42000 Saint-Étienne

The scientific event is built in partnership with the Cinémathèque de Saint-Étienne and is led by Jean Monnet University, the Max Weber Centre and the international research netword «Aux frontières du sans-abrisme», as well as the network of professionals of accommodation and housing of the Loire. 

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Study day "Social responsibility and ecological upheavals"

Study day in arts, arts and applied arts, young research and young creation
June 1th, 2022
Location: Cité du design - Forces Motrices building, 1 rue Javelin Pagnon Saint-Étienne
contact : alt516@protonmail.com (alt516 @ protonmail.com)

This event will be a meeting of exchanges and debates around environmental humanities beyond disciplinary boundaries. This day is organized with the association alt.516, with the support of the Deep Design Lab, as part of the exhibition Inside Production curated by Ernesto Oroza at the 2022 International Design Biennial.

Organization: Marie Bouchereau, Delphine Hyvrier and Jonathan Tichit of the ECLLA laboratory

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In the forest

Collective exhibition following the workshop in 2021 for students of the Faculty of Arts, Letters and Languages of the University Jean Monnet and ENSASE.
From June 3th to 8th, 2022
Location: Salle des Cimaises (Ancien école des Beaux Arts) - 5 ter rue Henri Gonnard 42000 Saint-Étienne

Time spent in the forest, on the site of the Friuli massif, at the foot of the Pilat, on the outskirts of the city of Saint-Étienne. They have walked the paths, breathed the humus, touched with their fingers this refuge space in which we no longer know how to live; while their imaginations still occupy these places, these woods, where the cursed, the proscribed, the witches coexist. They sought to flee in this mass of vegetation, in the thickness of these wet shadows. They thought of chestnuts by collecting chestnuts, building huts, creating differently. Along the way, artists, researchers and students of the Master’s in Plastic Arts at Jean Monnet University have built this exhibition together.

In partnership with ENSASE, at the end of a workshop organized by Céline Cadaureille, Carole Nosella, Rodolphe Olcèse and Jacopo Rasmi of the ECLLA laboratory and Xavier Xrona of ENSASE.

En Forêt (2021) - Carole Nosella

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Sound and Music Computer 2022 (SMC-22)

Multifaceted event on the theme of music, audio technologies and design
From June 4th to 12th, 2022
Location: Concerts at FIL, the Opéra, the Bourse du travail in Saint-Étienne and the Firminy church

SMC-22 is a multifaceted event around acoustics, music and audio technologies. It will take place in Saint-Étienne from June 4 to 12, 2022 and will focus on Music, Technology and Design. As the first "face-to-face" edition of SMC after two years of pandemic, the scope of the concerts is expanded through a digital art festival open to the public, involving schools and local audiences, and strengthening links between academia and industry.

SMC-22 combines a summer academy (4-7 June), two scientific conferences (SMC from 8 to 11 June and the International Faust Conference from 7 to 8 June), a festival (8-11 June) and mediation activities (9-12 June).

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Organization: ECLLA laboratory of the UJM, the GRAME - National Center of Musical Creation, INRIA and ARCAN, in collaboration with various local partners: the city and the metropolis of Saint-Étienne.

Learn more about the event : smc22.grame.fr


Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Étienne
Organized by the Cité du Design, the Biennale Internationale Design de Saint-Étienne is a major cultural event in France and Europe, led by the Ville de Saint-Étienne, the only French city designated "Creative City Design Unesco", and by Saint-Étienne Métropole. It welcomes, from all over the world, designers, researchers, economic actors, intellectuals, students... to question the practice of design and to experiment its methods.

Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne University
Bringing together 20,000 students and more than 900 teachers and researchers, the UJM offers 4 major areas of teaching on 5 campuses in a rich and dynamic student life: Arts, Letters, Languages/ Humanities and Social Sciences/ Law, Economics, Management/ Science, Technology, Health. It has an ambitious policy of support and encouragement for the development of research, transfer and exploitation activities.

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