Student living costs

Student living costs

Average budget for studying in Saint-Étienne

To live in Saint-Étienne, you need to budget for at least €550/month.
Students benefit from certain facilities: university restaurant and cafeteria, the CROUS on all 6 campuses, university accommodation, University libraries, discounts on transport, leisure activities, etc. However, in the first month after arriving, you should allow for three times the usual monthly budget as there will be expenses relating to :

  • moving into the accomodation,
  • university registration,
  • signing up for social security, the various types of insurance (home insurance, civil liability insurance, etc.)
  • connecting to electricity, telephone, etc.

Items in your budget

The table below will give you an idea of what your studies at Jean Monnet University will cost. Saint-Étienne is regularly recommended as one of the most affordable cities in which to study !

University registration for Free Mover students or Visiting students :

According to the regulations in force at the time of registration

University registration for exchange programme students :

No registration fees payable

Compulsory Social Security :


Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance with SMERRA – LMDE :


Other insurance (banks, etc.):

€16.00  per year


Prices vary

CROUS residences :

€254 to €400 per month

Private sector residences :

€350 to €550 per month

Accommodation with host families :

€690 per month

Security deposit and Administration fee :

1 month’s rent approximately

Compulsory “multi-risk home” insurance :

€100 per year approximately

Electricity subscription and consumption :

€50 per month approximately

Maintenance (meals, room cleaning, laundry, etc.) :

€300 per month approximately

Meals at the university restaurant (RestoU) :

€3.30  for a hot meal

Transport with STAS (Société de Transports Agglomération Stéphanoise) :

€35 per month approximately

1 ticket for 10 journeys €10 full price

1 ticket for 1 journey of 1h30: €1.40 full price

Tax stamp for validation of the VLSTS visa :


Grants and financial help

See the Campus France website for information on all grants available according to your country of origin.