Août 2018

Août 2018

Postdoc Researcher in Economics - Social Choice Theory and/or Cooperative Game Theory

 GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne, France

The research center GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne plans to recruit a post-doctoral researcher in Economics for a period of two years to start at November/December 2018. The required profile covers the axiomatic method, e.g. Social Choice Theory and/or Cooperative Game Theory.

The successful candidate will be located at Saint-Etienne. The gross salary is in the order of €33,000 per annum, depending on the experience of the candidate.

Context of the position

INDEPTH (INstitutional Design and Economic Preferences: Theory and experiments)

Funding organization: University of Lyon (IDEX)

Budget: €1 021 660

Duration: June 2018 - December 2021

Principal Investigator: Marie Claire Villeval

Other participants at GATE: A. Baujard, B. Corgnet, C. Cornand, M. Diss, F. Galeotti, S. Gonzalez, M. Joffily, E. Rémila, B. Rey-Fournier, J. Rosaz, L. Simula, P. Solal, Q. Thévenet, and A. Zylbersztejn.

INDEPTH has the ambition to address major issues related to the design of institutions able to sustain efficient economic transactions, fostering fair social interactions, and promoting cooperation in human organizations. We define institutions as either formal (e.g., markets, laws, incentives, sanction regimes) or informal (e.g., behavioral norms, habits, culture) structures and mechanisms that define the rules, boundaries and beliefs about actions within a community: when and how one ought to act, how one can or cannot behave, what kind of beliefs one holds about others' behaviors.

Work Package 1: How Normative Principles and Preferences Shape Institutions. This WP investigates how normative principles and preferences shape institutions. It deals with the design of institutions whose outcomes meet some desirable normative principles (equity, stability, diversity), yet considering the structure of interactions between individuals (communication systems or hierarchies), and behavioral aspects.

Work Package 2: How Institutions Shape Preferences. This WP investigates how institutions (re)shape preferences directly and indirectly, beyond their targeted scope of intervention, by influencing moral norms. It includes studies of how institutions shape the learning of moral values, and of the spillover effects of deterrence and democratic institutions on morality and social preferences.

Work Package 3: How Neural, Emotional and Economic Factors Influence the Relationships between Institutions and Preferences. This WP analyzes how economic, emotional and neural mechanisms interact to influence rule compliance. It includes studies of the determinants of rule violation, of spillover effects of norm violation on compliance with other norms, of the role of emotions in rule compliance.

INDEPTH lies at the frontier of economics, mathematics and neuroscience. It involves four teams: GATE–Theory and GATE-Behavior (UMR5824), Center for Cognitive Neuroscience (UMR5229), and LIRIS (UMR5205). These teams jointly provide a unique combination of expertise in mechanism design, behavioral and experimental economics, and in the neuroeconomic analysis of behavior.

The successful candidate should have the ability to carry out research activities specifically fitting with Work Package 1. The overall project of the position deals with the ability of the various decision-making mechanisms to realize the diversity goal. A diversified collective decision-making structure (e.g., an elected committee) refers to its composition in relation to the gender balance, the participation of religious or ethnic minorities, age equality, disability, etc. The thematic goal of the position is to analyze the implications of diversity requirements for the design and functioning of collective decision-making bodies in politics and business.


  • Draft and co-author journal articles and working papers fitting with Work Package 1 of INDEPTH project
  • Present work in seminars at GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne and relevant international conferences
  • Co-organize workshops related to INDEPTH project
  • The post-doctoral fellow will have no teaching or administrative duties

Application Instructions

Deadline for applications: October 1st, 2018

Notification Date: October 15, 2018

Selection committee: A. Baujard, M. Diss, S. Gonzalez, E. Rémila, and P. Solal.

Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of their academic achievements and prospects.

Candidates should have received their PhD prior to beginning the position. Applicants can be of any nationality. French language is not required.

Applications must include:

  • A curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A copy of a published paper or the Job Market Paper
  • Any other relevant research output
  • A statement of interest. Specifically addressing how your research interests fit with those of GATE and INDEPTH project (in particular Work Package 1)

Please email all materials to Mostapha Diss: diss @