17 juin 2022

[IHRIM] - Table ronde « Ancients and Moderns: New Perspectives on an Old Quarrel »

de 14h00 à 16h00

Maison Française d'Oxford (MFO)

Événement comodal

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  • Tristan ALONGE (Maison Française d’Oxford / Université de La Réunion)
  • Larry NORMAN (University of Chicago)



  • This round table will explore new areas of research on the literary and intellectual controversy that reshaped the world of letters in late 17th and early 18th century France:  la querelle des anciens et des modernes.  The participants will open a discussion on new approaches to the Quarrel through a reflection on their own work currently in progress:  a translation into French of the Shock of the Ancient: Literature and History in Early Modern France (Larry F. Norman, University of Chicago), a critical online edition of Charles Perrault’s Parallèle des Anciens et des Modernes (Delphine Reguig, Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne/IHRIM), the role of women writers in the Quarrel (Helena Taylor, University of Exeter), and the place of Voltaire in the Querelle d’Œdipe (Tristan Alonge, MFO / Université de La Réunion).



  • Tristan ALONGE (MFO / Université de La Réunion)
  • Larry NORMAN (University of Chicago)
  • Delphine REGUIG (Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne)
  • Helena TAYLOR (University of Exeter)



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