The SUAPS is a universitary department which is in charge of the organization, teaching and practice of physical and sports activities for students.


  • I 'm a student at the University Jean Monnet. Do I have to pay for a sports card to practice sports activities ?

No, all students who have paid the CVEC during their registration to the University can participate to all sports activities they want (see the opening time on the website).

You have to go directly to the place with your student card and the 2020/2021 sticker. You must show your student card to the teacher.

Warning : All students who are Erasmus or in an exchange program with another university must pay 28 euros to practice sport.


Where should I pay the sports card ?

You must go in the office “213”, on the second floor at University House (10 rue Tréfilerie Saint - Etienne) and pay in cash or cheque. Make sure you bring your student card.


Opening times of the sports office: From Monday to Wednesday: 13.15pm to 17.30pm and on Thursday to Friday: 08.45am to 12.30am


  • What is the difference between the FP, FQ and FB ?

The FQ (Qualifying Training) brings a bonus to your passing grade (from 0.25 to 0.40) only if you are present for at least 10 sessions in the semester (including the evaluation session).

The FB (Bonus Training) brings a bonus to your passing grade (from 0.10 to 0.25) only if you are present for at least 7 sessions in the semester. There is no an evaluation session. The attendance is very important when you sign up for one of these two options.

The FP (training personal) is for leisure only. There is no a evaluation. You can practice as many sports as you want.


  • I am a student at the University and I want to register on the FP, FB ou FQ, how do I register ?

No registration required in FP : You must go directly to the place with your student card and the 2019/2020 sticker.

The registration in the FQ or FB is done at the beginning of each semester and only on the IPWEB. You will receive an email with an access link to IPWEB.

Warning : The registrations (FQ or FB) are limited. You can consult the dates on our website. There are two periods for registration : once in September and another in January.


  • Can I practice all sports activities in FP (personal training) ?

Yes, you can practise as many activities as you want and anytime in the universitary year.


  • Where can I download the timetable activities ?

On the website following :



  • How do I borrow equipment ?

The sport office lends equipment like kimono or boxing gloves to the students. You must leave a deposit (45€) for the equipment.


Sports office Practical information

Sports office address : University house, 10 rue Tréfilerie 42000 Saint-Etienne

Email : suaps @ univ-st-etienne.fr

Publié le 10 décembre 2018