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To apply for PHD studies, it requires serious preparations. Most of our PHD students begin their procedures in the final year of their Master's degree, where they start taking various steps required in order to build their application file. According to these steps and preparations, our students are chosen by the doctoral school.

Here is what you need to prepare in advance:

  • You have to find a thesis Director who can advise and guide you throughout your PHD research years.
  • As well as a Laboratory which will give you the means to conduct your work.
  • Furthermore, you need to find a good research topic that should be confirmed by your thesis director and the laboratory of your choice.

You need to know:

  • Your future doctoral school, to which a PHD student is automatically attached to depending on their field of research, organizes disciplinary (scientific) training and supports the students in the preparation of their professional project.
  •  Jean Monnet's University is the institution issuing the diploma and the university that the PHD student is attached to.
  • On the other hand, the University of Lyon offers the transversal training for PhD students and It delivers the national doctorate diploma for all PHD graduates.

Jean Monnet’s University is attached to 6 different Doctoral Schools:

  • ED 483 for social sciences,
  • ED 484 for languages, letters and arts,
  • ED 485 for educational sciences, psychology, information and communication,
  • ED 486 for economics and management,
  • ED 488 for science, engineering and health,
  • ED 492 for law.


Experiences of some students: Culture Scientifique


Registration Conditions (From the 1st of July till the 31st of October):

  • To have a Masters diploma recognized in France (unless reasoned exemption).
  • To have a thesis subject.
  • To have found a Thesis Director
  • To be a part of a recognized research Laboratory: Les structures de Recherche

Applying for Admission:


  • Submission of a pedagogical application is requested, accompanied by the necessary documents, on our websiteSIGED.
  • Online validation of the application is request by the thesis director.
  • Online validation of the application is request by the laboratory’s director.
  • Online validation of the application is  request by the director of the doctoral school.
  • Online validation of the application is request by the operator university.


Once the SIGED application is validated (6/6), we will send you an administrative registration file that have to fill. Afterwards, you have to pay the CVEC (92 euros) to the Crous and also the national university fees (380 euros for normal inscription, or 253 euros for double major students) intended for the accounting department.


Practical information :

  • Attention, for any registration, a certificate of private civil liability is obligatory. Otherwise, a signed declaration of honor will be requested.
  • Here attached the page on Campus France’s website contains precise details of the different stages preceding a thesis registration, and it is intended for sciences majors or humanities majors.
  • After fulfilling all these criteria, it is important for the candidate to know that at a national level, doctoral training is supervised in France by  « The decree Order of the 25th of May 2016.pdf». As well as a doctoral charter (of the University of Lyon) that should be signed and that defines the reciprocal commitments which bind the PhD student to his/her thesis director.
  • The yearly registration for PHD student takes place at the beginning of the academic year and it is obligatory, until the final doctoral dissertation submission.
  • UJM PhD students have several accounts to manage during their education: SIGED and UJM.
  • Moreover a SECODOC account is created for each student to be able to manage their doctoral training courses: UJM training courses
  • For any problem related to your registration or re-registration (intranet access, e-mails, certificates, student card, etc.), please report your problem to: registration @

  • All registration forms are closed each year from the 1st of December until the 1st of January. Thank you for your understanding.

Download here  «Order of 25 May 2016.pdf» (197.9 Ko)

Documents you need for your enrollment:

Visualiser le fichier «requested documents for enrollment 2021-2022.pdf» en ligne

Financial Aid

It exists several examples to finance your thesis during your studies:

  • The doctoral contract, governed by decree 2016-1173 of August 29, 2016,
  • Aid from local authorities, especially the regional aids, etc.
  • CIFRE contract: Industrial agreement for training during your research period.
  • Other forms of contracts: doctoral students could be hired by a public higher education establishment, a research institute or a private foundation under a one-year renewable contract. This is the case when the doctoral student is recruited for a research project funded for example by the local authority or by the ANR (National Agency for Research), or other companies (excluding CIFRE).
  • Scholarships such as: la Fondation de France, L’Oréal, Axa, Bourse Effiel etc.....

For further information please contact one of our administration team : Fadoua Lafdil or Nadine Bahajjaj

Doctoral Thesis Oral Defense: Starting from the final dissertation submission, Advisor approval, Committee, etc., till the Diploma.

All students must inform our administration team about their oral defense date in a delay of two months minimum before the actual date. The PhD student must also send our team the nomination forms for his/her advisors and committee, all the documents must be signed by his thesis director.

Once the advisors are approved by the thesis director and the director of the doctoral school, they are contacted by our administration team and normally have approximately 5 weeks to return their signed reports mentioning if they authorize or not the PhD student to go to defense. Please note: these reports must reach the administration team no later than 3 weeks before the oral defense.

Once, the reports have been received and if they are favorable, the members of the committee chosen are submitted to the director of the doctoral school for validation. After confirmation, they are officially summoned by the President of Jean Monnet’s University.

Meanwhile, the PhD student must remember to return to our administration team the various documents and forms of the dissemination and archiving of his thesis, these documents will be transmitted by e-mail once we receive the advisors’ approval. Moreover, the PhD student has to send us his thesis in a PDF format (after testing the file on

Subsequently, the thesis director must send our administrative team the opinion of the committee and all the other documents requested for the defense of his doctoral student. Without these documents completed and signed, niether the certificate of success nor the Diploma can be edited.

For more information on the modalities of our Defenses :