Publications - Année 2007

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 AGBOSSOUMONDÉ Y., MÉNOT R.P., PAQUETTE J.L., GUILLOT S., YÉSSOUFOU S. et PERRACHE C. 0(2007) Petrological and geochronological constraints on the origin of the Palimé-Amlamé granitoids (South Togo, West Africa): A Paleoproterozoic pluton preserved within the Pan-African collision belt. Gondwana Research.12, 476-488.  Rang A
 ANNELL H.,SCOATES J.S., WEIS D. et GIRET A. (2007) Petrology of flood basalts at the tholeiitic-alkalic transition and phenocryst compositions, mt.Marion Dufresne, KerguelenArchipelago, southern Indian Ocean. The Canadian Mineralogist Vol.45, p. 000(2007). Rang A
 DELACOUR A., GERBE M.C., THOURET J.C., WÖRNER G. et PAQUEREAU-LEBTI P. (2007) Magma evolution of quaternary minor volcanic centres in southern Peru, Central Andes. Bulletin volcanology, (2007)  69, 581-608. Rang A.
 DUCLAUX G., REY  P., GUILLOT S. et MÉNOT R.P. (2007) Orogen parallel flow during continental convergence : numerical experiments and archeen field examples. Geological Society of America, (2007) 35,8,p.715-718. Rang A
 DUCLAUX G., REY  P., GUILLOT S. et MÉNOT R.P. (2007) Comment and Reply : Orogen parallel flow during continental convergence : numerical experiments and archeen field examples. Geological Society of America, (2007) e154. Rang A
 DUCLAUX G., ROLLAND Y., RUFFET G., MÉNOT R.P., GUILLOT S., PEUCAT J.J., FANNING M. et PÊCHER A.  (2007) Superposition of neoarchean and paleoproterozoic tectonics in the Terre Adélie Craton (East Antarctica) : evidence from Th-U-Pb ages on monazits and Ar-Ar ages. U.S. Geological Survey and The National Academies, USGS OFR-2007-extented abstract., pp.1-4.Rang B
 HENRY B., JORDANOVA D, JORDANOVA N., HUS J., BASCOU J., FUNAKI M.  et   DIMOV D. (2007) Alternating field-impressed AMS in rocks. Geophys. J. Int. 168, pp. 533-540. Rang A
 IONOV D. A. (2007) Compositional variations and heterogeneity in fertile lithospheric mantle : peridotite xenoliths in basalts from Tariat, Mongolia. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 154, 455-477. Rang A
 IONOV D. A., HOFMANN A. W. (2007)Depth of formation of subcontinental off-craton peridodites. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 261(2007) 620-634. Rang A
 JORDANOVA D., JORDANOVA N., HENRY B., HUS J., BASCOU J., FUNAKI M. et DIMOV D. (2007) Changes in mean magnetic susceptibility and its anisotropy of rock samples as a result of altenating field demagnetization. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 255, 390-401. Rang A.
 JEFCOATE A.B., ELLIOTT T., KASEMANN S.A., IONOV D., COOPER K. et BROOKER R. (2007) Li isotope fractionation in peridotites and mafic melts. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.71(2007) 202-218 Rang A
 KLEIN E.L., HARRIS C., GIRET A. et MOURA C.A.V. (2007) The cipoeiro gold deposit, Gurupi belt, Brazil : geology, chlorite geochemistry ans stable isotope study. Journal of South American Earth Sciences 23(2007) pp. 242 -255. Rang A
 MENOT R.P., DUCLAUX G., PEUCAT J.J., ROLLAND Y., GUILLOT S., FANNING M., BASCOU J., GAPAIS D., et A. PÊCHER (2007) Geology of the Terre Adélie Craton (135 - 146° E). in Antarctica : A Keystone in a changing World-Online Proceedings for the Tenth International Symposium on Antartic Earth Sciences, edited by Alan Cooper, Carol Raymond et al., USGS Oen-file Report 2007-1047, Short Paper 048, 5p.; doi : 10.3133/of 2007-1047.spr048 Rang B.
 RUDNICK R.L. et IONOV D.A. (2007) Lithium elemental and isotopic disequilibrium in minerals from peridotite xenoliths from far-east Russia : Product of recent melt/fluid-rock reaction. Earth and Planetary Science Letters,  256 (2007) 278-293. Rang A
 SCOATES J.S., WEIS D., FRANSSENS M., MATTIELLI, N., ANNELL H., FREY A.F., NICOLAYSEN K. et GIRET A.  (2007) The Val Gabbro plutonic suite : A sub-volcanic intursion emplaced at the end of flood basalt volcanism on the Kegueln archipelago. Journal of petrology (2007) pp.1-27. Rang A.
 SEDDIKI A., COTTIN J.Y., MOINE  B., REMACI-BENAOUDA N., BASCOU  J., RENAC C., GODARD M., SAUTTER V., BOUROT-DENISE M., LORAND BELHAÏ  D.  (2007). Etude de quelques achondrites basaltiques, découvertes au Sahara du Sud Ouest algérien. Bulettin du Service Géologique National Algérie. Vol. 18 n°3.1-20. Rang B.
 WEYER S. et IONOV D.A. (2007) Partial melting and melt percolation in the mantle : the message from Fe isotopes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 259 (2007) 119-133 rang A
 XU G., FREY F.A., WEIS D., SCOATES J.S. AND GIRET A. (2007), Flood basalts from Mt. Capitole in the central Kerguelen Archipelago  Insights into the growth of the archipelago and source components contributing to plume-related volcanism. Geochemistry-Geophysics-Geosystems (G3), Volume 8, Number 6, 34p.Rang A