Publications - Année 2014

Les publications du Laboratoire des transferts Lithosphériques - Année 2014


Cartier, C; Hammouda, T; Doucelance, R; Boyet, M; Devidal, JL; Moine, B (2014), Experimental study of trace element partitioning between enstatite and melt in enstatite chondrites at low oxygen fugacities and 5 GPa, Geochmica et Cosmochimica Acta, 130, 167, 187, 10.1016/j.gca.2014.01.002

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Nicoli, G; Stevens, G; Buick, I; Moyen, J. -F (2014), A comment on ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism from an unusual corundum plus orthopyroxene intergrowth bearing Al-Mg granulite from the Southern Marginal Zone, Limpopo Complex, South Africa, by Belyanin et al., Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 167, 6, 1022, 10.1007/s00410-014-1022-6,

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Bertrand, G; Masini, J; Goldscheider, N; Meeks, J; Lavastre, V; Celle-Jeanton, H; Gobat, J M; Hunkeler, D (2014), Determination of spatiotemporal variability of tree water uptake using stable isotopes ( d 18O, d 2H) in an alluvial system supplied by a high- altitude watershed, Pfyn forest, Switzerland, Ecohydrology, 7, 2, 319-333, 10.1002/eco.1347

Couzinié S, Moyen J-F, Villaros A, Paquette JL, Scarrow JH, Marignac C (2014) Temporal relationships between Mg-K  mafic magmatism and catastrophic melting of the Variscan crust in the  southern part of the Velay Complex (Massif Central, France). Journal of Geosciences 59 (1-4):1-18

Laurent O, Martin H, Moyen J-F, Doucelance R (2014) The diversity and evolution of late-Archaean granitoids: evidence for the onset of "modern-style" plate tectonics between 3.0 and 2.5 Ga. Lithos, 205:x-y

Laurent O, Nicoli G, Zeh A, Stevens G, Moyen JF, Vézinet A (2014) Comment on "Ultrahigh temperature granulites and magnesian charnockites: evidence for the Neoarchean accretion along the northern margin of the Kaapvaal craton" by Rajesh et al. Precambrian Research, XXX

Nicoli G, Stevens G, Moyen J-F, Frei D (in press) Rapid evolution from sediment to anatectic granulite in an Archean continental collision zone: The example of the Bandelierkop Formation metapelites, South Marginal Zone, Limpopo Belt, South Africa. . Journal of Metamorphic Geology,  XXX

Taylor J, Nicoli G, Stevens G, Frei D, Moyen JF (2014) The processes that control leucosome compositions in metasedimentary granulites: perspectives from the Southern Marginal Zone migmatites, Limpopo Belt, South Africa. Journal of Metamorphic Geology,  32 (7):713-742

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Bolle, O., Charlier, B., Bascou, J., Diot, H., McEnroe, S.A. (2014). Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility versus lattice- and shape-preferred orientation in the Lac Tio hemo-ilmenite ore body (Grenville province, Quebec). Tectonophysics 629 : 87-108,

Cayol, V, T. Catry, L. Michon, M. Chaput, V. Famin, O. Bodart, J. L. Froger, C. Romagnoli (2014), Sheared sheet intrusions as mechanism for lateral flank displacement on basaltic volcanoes: Application to Réunion Island volcanoes, Journal of Geophysical Research., 119, doi:10.1002/2014JB011139.

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ACTI (communication avec acte dans un congrès international)

Bascou J., Henry, B., Ménot, R.P., Funaki, M., Barruol, G., 2014. Influence of partial melting on magnetic fabrics of migmatites: evidence from Paleoproterozoic terrains of Pointe Géologie, Terre Adélie (East Antarctica), EGU, Vienne, Austria.

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Vincent, P., Suan, G., Martin, J., Suchéras-Marx, B., Williams, M. 2014. Marine fossiliferous strata from Beaujolais (France) point to a giant Toarcian (Lower Jurassic) Konservat Lagerstätte. SVP 74rd Annual Meeting, Berlin, Germany.

Moine B.N., Korsakov A.V., Costin G.,  Oleinikov O.B., Golovin A.V. and Ionov D.A. (2014) Zoisite-grossular exsolutions in omphacite of corundum-bearing eclogite from Siberian craton, 6th International Orogenic Lherzolite Conference, Marrakech; 05/2014

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Grosjean,A-S., Gardien V., Dubois, M., Martini R., Boulvais P., Vennemann, T. W., Pittet B. (2014) Stable isotope composition of quartz–calcite veins and their fluid inclusions: Implications for establishing regional fluid circulation pattern during mountain belt exhumation and sediment provenance, International Sedimentology Congres, Genève

ACT (communication avec acte dans un congrès national)

Grosjean, A.-S., Pittet, B., Gardien, V., Mahéo, G., Leloup, P.-H (2014)Initiation et extension des drainages sud-alpins au cours de l’exhumation des Alpes occidentales, XXVIème  Réunion des Sciences de la Terre, Pau.

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Ferreira N., Delacour A., de Saint-Blanquat M. Boulvais Ph., Mathieu B., and Lagabrielle Y. (2014) Conditions of formation of serpentinites in Pyrenees and new constraints on the model of exhumation of mantle peridotites. RST, Pau, 27-30 October, France, poster.

OS : Ouvrages scientifiques (ou chapitres de ces ouvrages)

Carey R., V. Cayol, M. Poland, D. Weis (Editors) (2015), Hawaiian Volcanoes, From Source to Surface, American Geophysical Union, Wiley, in press, 538p., ISBN: 978-1-118-87204-8.

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