Publications - Année 2009

Les publications du laboratoire des transferts lithosphériques - Année 2009

BENDOUKHA R., MEGARTSI M., COTTIN J.Y., TABELIOUNA, M. (2009) Nouvelles données sur le caractères dynamiques et géochimiqyes du volcanisme alcalin Mio-Plio-Quaterniare de l'Oranie (Algérie nord-occidentale). Bulletin du Service Géologique National Algérie 20, n°3: 1-34. rang B.

CAROFF M., VIDAL M., BENARD A., DARBOUX J.R. (2009) A late-Ordovician phreatomagmatic complex in marine soft-substrate environment: the Crozon volcanic system, Armorican Massif (France). Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. 184 (3-4): 351-366. rang A+ , IF 1.74.

GUILLOT S., MÉNOT R.P. (2009) Paleozoic evolution of the External Crystalline Massifs of the Western Alps.Comptes Rendus Géoscience 341 (2-3): 253-265. Rang A, IF 1,05.

HAMMOUDA T., MOINE B.N., DEVIDAL J.L., VINCENT C. (2009) Trace element partitioning during partial melting of carbonated eclogites. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 174 (1-4): 60-69. rang A+. IF 2,03.

MOYEN J.F. (2009) High Sr/Y and La/Yb ratios: The meaning of the adakitic signature. Lithos 112 (3-4): 556-574. Rang A+, IF 2.94

RENAC, F. ASSASSI (2009) Formation of non-expandable 7Å halloysite during Eocene- Miocene contentinal weathering at Djebel Debbagh, Algeria: A geochemical and stable isotope study. Sedimentary Geology 217: 140-153. Rang A+, IF 1,76.

VILLAROS A, STEVENS G, MOYEN JF, BUICK IS (2009) The trace element compositions of S-type granites: evidence
for disequilibrium melting and accessory phase entrainment in the source. Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. 158 (4): 543-561. Rang A+, IF 3.22

WILLIAMS H.M., NIELSEN S.G., RENAC C., GRIFFIN W.L., O'REILLY S.Y., MCCAMMON C.A., PEARSON N.,VILJOEN F., ALT J.C.,HALLIDAY A.N. (2009) Fractionation of oxygen and iron isotopes by partial melting processes: Implications for the interpretation of stable isotope signatures in mafic rocks. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 283:
156-166. rang A+, IF 3.87.