Publications - Année 2019

Publications du LMV@Saint-Etienne - Année 2019


E. Fontana, C. Renac, A. S. Mexias, A. Barats, M.-C. Gerbe, R. W. Lopes, L. V. S. Nardi, (2019). Mass balance and origin of fluids associated to smectite and chlorite/smectite alteration in Seival Mine Cu–Mineralization – Camaquã Basin – Brazil (Part II). Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 196, 20-32.

Rolland, Y., Bernet, M., van der Beek, P., Gautheron, C., Duclaux, G., Bascou, J., Balvay, M., Héraudet, L., Sue, C., Ménot, R.P., (2019). Late Paleozoic Ice Age glaciers shaped East Antarctica landscape. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 506, 123-133.

Seydoux-Guillaume A-M., Fougerouse, D., Laurent A.T., Gardes, E., Reddy, S.M., Saxey (2019). Nanoscale resetting of the Th/Pb system in an isotopically-closed monazite grain: a combined Atom Probe and Transmission Electron Microscopy study. Geoscience Frontiers,