Collection "Analecta Cartusiana"

Collection "analecta cartusiana"


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The collection Analecta Cartusiana is the first international resource about Carthusians and their history. It covers a period from the foundation of the Grande Chartreuse, in 1084, until today. Founded in 1970 by James HOGG, an academic at Salzburg and the supervisor of the collection until his passing in November 2018, Analecta Cartusiana includes more than 600 volumes as of today’s date. They mainly consist of source editions, work tools, thesis publications and international colloquium proceedings.

In 2012 James HOGG wished to associate the CERCOR to the edition of Analecta Cartusiana, in order to progressively implement a collective succession insuring a high scientific quality. Respecting James HOGG’s will, the CERCOR has been responsible of the edition of the collection since his passing in November 2018.

James HOGG also legally bequeathed his entire library to the CERCOR. The library’s inventory will soon be published on the website.

All communications in relation to the Analecta Cartusiana must be sent to:

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The volumes of Analecta Cartusiana published by the CERCOR

Chartae capituli generalis pro provincia Tusciae. Manoscritto Grande Chartreuse, 1 CART 24. Volume 7 : 1701-1730, introduzione, trascrizione e note a cura di un monaco certosino, prefazione di Giovanni MALPELO, Saint-Étienne, CERCOR (AC 100:76), 2020.
ISBN (broché) 978-2-9565706-1-5.
ISBN (PDF) 978-2-9565706-2-2.
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Sammeln, kopieren, verbreiten. Zur Buchkultur der Kartäuser Gestern und Heute, herausgegeben von Sylvain EXCOFFON und Coralie ZERMATTEN, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Organisationskomitee des internationalen Kongresses für Kartäuserforschung 13.-16. Juli 2017 Kartause Ittingen, Saint-Étienne, CERCOR (AC337 (2018).
ISBN (broché) 978-2-9546115-8-7.
ISBN (PDF) 978-2-9565706-0-8.
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Histoire et mémoire chez les chartreux XIIe-XXe siècles, Colloque international du CERCOR (24-27 juin 2015), dir. Sylvain EXCOFFON et Coralie ZERMATTEN, Saint-Étienne, CERCOR (AC 319), 2017.
ISBN (broché) 978-2-9546115-6-3.
ISBN (PDF) 978-2-9546115-7-0.


Le nécrologe primitif de la Grande Chartreuse, éd. Jean-Loup LEMAITRE, collab. Sylvain EXCOFFON, Saint-Étienne, CERCOR (AC 309), 2015.
ISBN (broché) 978-2-9546115-3-2.
ISBN (PDF) 978-2-9546115-4-9.


Tradition et transformation. Les chartreux dans l'Europe médiévale et moderne. 650e anniversaire de la fondation de la chartreuse de Liège, dir Tom GAENS et Francis TIMMERMANS, Saint-Étienne, CERCOR (AC 306), 2015.
ISBN (broché) 978-2-9546115-1-8.
ISBN (PDF) 978-2-9546115-2-5.


Les Chartreux et les élites (XIIe-XVIIIes.). Actes du colloque international (Saint-Étienne, 30-31 août 2013), dir. Sylvain EXCOFFON, Saint-Étienne, CERCOR, 2013 (AC 298).
ISBN (broché) 978-2-9546115-0-1.
ISBN (PDF) 978-2-9546115-0-2.